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Q: I’ve heard that once the carpet has been cleaned it attracts dirt more easily, is this true?
A: This is absolutely untrue with Quality Carpet Care. This is a rumor that began in the 1960s because many cleaners were using product lines that were produced from coconut oil. These old products lead to rapid re-soiling of the carpet. High powered van mounted cleaning systems were not invented until later. As it is with most things here in the future, the cleaning technology has changed dramatically since the 60’s. Today’s high-tech products make the carpet stay cleaner and actually help the carpets last much longer and leave it feeling fresh. However, some cleaning companies may not be investing in the proper cleaning products or methods. An uneducated cleaner using a cheap product can leave a residue. We use only the latest and best cleaning agents the industry has to offer.

Q: How long will my carpets take to dry?
A: Drying time depends on weather and relative humidity. However, the carpet will normally take around 2-8 hours to dry with the steam cleaning procedure. For commercial maintenance, our low moisture cleaning method will usually dry in less than two hours.

Q: Can your cleaning products harm my children, pets, or someone in my family with allergy’s or asthma?
A: No, of course not. Professional carpet cleaning products that are used in the home today have to be rigorously tested to be approved as safe. I carry safe cleaning products that are designed to remove allergens from the home. If you have someone who it particularly sensitive to allergens and this is of concern to you, please let me know before cleaning. We may need to double rinse or modify our cleaning products to accommodate your special needs.

Q: Does steam carpet cleaning get the padding or sub-floor wet, causing mold, mildew, or even damage the carpet?
A: Absolutely not. While I do use the most powerful deep cleaning procedures to clean your carpet, it does only that; clean the carpet. If you were to use a cleaner who had broken/cheap/out-of-date equipment or a lack of knowledge in carpet cleaning procedures it is possible to over-wet the carpet. My high-end equipment offers the most powerful truck mounted vacuum system available, so your carpet dries in hours not days. Also, if a cleaner is claiming that they clean the pad of the carpet with their standard cleaning, they are either uninformed or may not be truthful to get your business.

Q: How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
A: Every home is different and you should clean your carpets based on your own needs. For the average house with two adults, about every year is fine. If you have more people in your home you may need it more often. As you can imagine, Kids and pets will dramatically change the amount of time in between cleanings. As frequent as every 6 months is not uncommon in a very busy household and even more often for a home daycare. So, in other words, you will have to determine that on your own. My best recommendation however, is not to wait too long. You don’t want to wait until your carpet is over soiled to clean it. The longer that soil and dirt is being rubbed into the face fiber (by walking on it and daily use) the more damage it does to the fibers and the harder it gets to restore the appearance.

Q: How can I maintain my manufacturer’s warranty on my carpet?
A: Many carpet mills (manufacturers) are now offering warranties with a brand new carpet purchase. The requirements for maintaining the warranty are very strict. It is required that you have a professional carpet cleaning done with the recommended cleaning system by a trained technician at least every 18 months. Also, after every cleaning it recommended fluorocarbon (aka stain-guarding product) should be reapplied.

Q: You also offer a dry-cleaning process, is this cleaning method totally dry?
A: No, yet another myth. Although the dry cleaning process does dry very quickly, there is moisture involved. The dry-cleaning process that most people are familiar with is actually called a Very Low Moisture system. These are great carpet cleaning systems that definitely have their place in the market. I offer these systems, and recommend them for certain types of carpet and different cleaning situations. There are types of no moisture systems on the market, but they are not recommended for the home (they use microscopic sponges, if you were curious).

Q: I am highly sensitive to odor, does the cleaning smell?
A: That’s up to you. If I don’t put any deodorizers or sanitizers down after cleaning, the extraction is so effective that the carpet will smell like almost nothing at all. However if you prefer a scent of some kind it can be applied after the carpet cleaning free of charge. Please let me know what your preference is.

Q: Carpet cleaning is expensive, isn’t it?
A: I offer more than reasonable pricing based on 30 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. I believe I offer the very best rates for the high quality level of service I provide. I can keep my rates so affordable by doing all the work myself and keeping advertising costs to a minimum, by depending on referral advertising and repeat business from great clients like you. In many cases I can do most of a home for under $200. The way to keep your cleaning at its most affordable is through proper maintenance. Long periods of abuse make the cleaning more difficult and often times more expensive. Heavy urine contamination can also increase pricing, so it is a good idea not to allow your pets any slack in the potty training area.

Q: I see coupons for $9.95 per area. How can they clean carpet so cheap?
A: They can’t and stay in business, SO LET THE BUYER BEWARE! The industry refers to these unethical carpet cleaners as “bait and switch” cleaners. These companies set out “bait” for the consumer in the form of crazy low prices. Once they get to your home they will explain that the original price quote will not satisfy the needs of the carpet. They will then give you another outrageously high quote to get the job done right. If you refuse the new quote they will try to charge you a travel fee for driving out and giving the quote. DON’T PAY THEM! If they did not tell you over the phone a travel fee will be assessed, then you have agreed to pay nothing. Another thing to mention is that these discounted “bait and switch” carpet cleaners may be using cheap portable units and discounted cleaning agents
(or no cleaning agents at all!) that provide an inferior cleaning compared to our high-tech cleaning agents and high-end van mounted process.  Using discount products and inferior carpet cleaning equipment can damage your carpet costing you a lot more in the long run. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Many “bait and switch” companies spend thousands of dollars year after year to get new customers over and over again. Why do these amazing bargain carpet cleaners who have been in business for over 25 years still have to spend so much on advertising or coupon packs? One answer; they can’t keep repeat customers… I wonder why?

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