Upholstery Cleaning

After continuous months and years of everyday use and abuse, does the furniture in your home or office look dull, dingy and unappealing? It’s time to call the professionals at Quality Carpet Care.

Can you no longer see the beauty in your furniture that it once had? Maybe elves entered your house while you were sleeping and had a party on your sofa and left all sorts of mystery stains. Or, Rover decided your sofa was a perfect place to make his bed. In any case, life itself will eventually leave its wear and soil. Whatever your need, Quality can help! We have the skill and technology to make your upholstery look its best again.

Our exclusive cleaning solutions and powerful but gentle cleaning system will restore your furniture to a beautiful look yout thought might never be possible again! The spots, dirt, dust, crumbs, and other debris will be pulled out, leaving a clean, renewed surface. Our system can bring new life to just about any upholstered surface or furniture, as described below:

Sofas and Love Seats, Recliners, Ottomans and Throw Pillows, Dining Room Chairs, Office Chairs, Mattresses, and even Church Pews or Office Partitions.

Just as cleaning your carpets help to extend their life, your upholstery will last longer when it’s professionally cleaned. Make sure to ask about the Special Offers we extend for having both your carpets & upholstery cleaned at the same appointment. If we are already in your home, we can make you an offer that is hard to refuse.

We love to make it easy and affordable for you to use our cleaning services. So, why not let Quality Carpet Care protect your investment.

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