Before You Ask Me to Match a Competitor’s Price…

Occasionally I get calls asking if I will price match a competitor. There are larger factors involved here than just my price. I have asked these callers if the competitor will match my quality. Usually silence follows. I allow the uncomfortable silence to let the message sink in.

Other questions that I would like to ask:

Did you ask the competitor about their cleaning process?

Is the competitor using a $28,000 truck mounted carpet cleaning system, with the lift and airflow to truly extract the soil?

Does the competitor do criminal background checks to be assured of who is working in homes with moms and children?

Does the competitor have liability insurance, in case something gets damaged?

Does the competitor provide more than the minimum training to ensure his workers know what they are doing? Do the workers have any certifications for the jobs they are performing?

Does the competitor use industry standard cleaning products, or do they try to make their own to save money?

Does the competitor guarantee their work? Will they return happily if any area needs more attention?

We have been in business since 1989, 30 years…How long have they been in business?

Does the competitor use high pressure sales tactics to jack up the bill? 

Doing the right things in a business costs money. Many competitors will not spend the money necessary to build a business that does things right. If they are only concerned about cutting corners, do you really want them in your home? A good carpet cleaning business invests time and money in training and buying good equipment. Maintaining the equipment is also an expense.

I care about my customers, so I invest in my business. That means I am not the cheapest guy in town. I am also not the most expensive. There are much more important things to ask about besides price. Many people have called me back after going with the low price coupon guy. They said they wished they had hired Quality Carpet Care, then we show up and fix what the guy from “El-Cheap-O” messed up.

So, back to my original thought; before you ask me to match a competitor’s price, ask if they can match my quality.